Call for Abstracts


Call for Abstracts

Abstracts pertaining to the topic “Fermentations as an opportunity for sustainably brewed and high-quality products”, specifically encompassing the following, will be considered for inclusion to the presentation programme:

  • Yeast and bacterial fermentations in the brewery – technological concepts reviewed
  • Yeast propagation – process control and analysis
  • Best practices in fermentation control leading to high-quality products
  • Fermentative pathways leading to no- and low-alcohol beers
  • Opportunities for better resource management in brewery fermentations
  • Bioremediation and upcycling of brewery fermentation co-products
  • Mixed, dual and multiple fermentations
  • Aspects of cellar hygiene

Abstracts can only be submitted for oral presentations (no posters) and only via the online submission tool.

The call for abstracts for the EBC Symposium will close on Sunday, 21 May in the late evening.


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