“Recent Advances in Hop Science”

9-11 September 2018 Nuremberg & Spalt

Technical Programme

Monday, 10 September 2018 (Maritim Hotel, Frauentorgraben 11, D – 90443 Nürnberg)
Hop Flavour in Beer
08.00 Tiago Brandão / Walter König Superbock Group (PT), Gesellschaft für Hopfenforschung (DE) Words of welcome by the EBC President and by the Secretary General of the Society for Hop Research (GfH, Wolnzach)
08.30 Andreas Gahr Hopfenveredelung St. Johann (DE) A comparison of the new hop cultivars Callista (CAL) and Ariana (ANA) in two climatically different crop years
09.00 Scott Lafontaine Oregon State University (US) Impact of kiln temperatures on the aroma and enzymatic potential of hops during dry-hopping
09.30 Takuya Saito Asahi Breweries Ltd. (JP) The control of hop aroma by yeast in dry hopping
10.00 Coffee Break
10.30 Christina Schönberger Barth-Haas Group (DE) Summary of the sensory relevance of fruity thiols in hops and beer
11.00 John Lenzini Schilling Beer (US) Recommendations for dry-hopping and reporting of Bitterness Units for New England-style ales / hazy ales
11.30 Tom Shellhammer Oregon State University (US) Influences of beer chemistry on the Bitterness Unit
12.00 Lunch
Hop Utilization
13.15 Isabel Osterroth GEA Brewery Systems (DE) Energy and resource efficient use of hop products in the brewhouse and cold block
13.45 Christopher Hamilton Hillsdale College, Michigan (US) The effect of temperature and alpha-acid concentration on hop utilization in wort
14.15 Nele Bastgen Ziemann-Holvrieka (DE) Wort composition determines hop-boiling time
14.45 Coffee Break
Hops and Health
15.15 Claus Hellerbrand Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (DE) Beneficial effects of iso-alpha-acids on liver disease
15.45 Jan F. Stevens Oregon State University (US) Anti-hyperlipidemic effects of xanthohumol and its derivatives
16.15 for 16.45 Departure from Nuremberg by bus coach to HopfenBierGut, Herrengasse 10, D – 91174 Spalt (hospitality evening, incorporating a visit to a hop farm in or near Spalt). Distance: 37 km
Tuesday, 11 September 2018 (Maritim Hotel, Frauentorgraben 11, D – 90443 Nürnberg)
Hop Breeding and Growing
08.00 Vladimir Nevasdba Hop Research Institute Co. Ltd., Saaz-Žatec (CZ) New releases of hop cultivars by the Hop Research Institute Co. Ltd. in Žatec, Czech Republic
08.30 Lidjia Bitz Natural Resources Institute / LUKE (FI) Genetic evaluation of hops collected from Finland based on microsatellite marker analysis
09.00 Hiroo Matsui Suntory Global Innovation Center (JP) Specific kieselguhr put around the hop root has improved hop yield for several years
09.30 Simon Euringer LfL Bayern (DE) Research about Verticillium on hops
10.00 Coffee Break
Analysis of Hops and of Craft Beer
10.30 Josef Patzak Hop Research Institute Co. Ltd., Saaz-Žatec (CZ) DNA fingerprinting – an efficient tool for control of hop variety authenticity
11.00 Florian Schüll HVG Wolnzach (DE) Non-destructive determination of hop constituents by near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)
11.30 Arthur Gadon University of Nottingham (UK) Characterization of the proanthocaynidin fraction in hops responsible for fining activity: A novel ultracentrifugation approach
12.00 Lunch
13.15 Sabrina Brendel TUM Weihenstephan (DE) Odor-active compounds in different hop varieties – the sensomics approach
13.45 Nils Rettberg VLB Berlin (DE) One fits all – An automated, GC-MS/MS based assay for quantitative analysis of thiols in hops and hoppy beer
14.15 Martin Biendl / Tiago Brandão Hopsteiner (DE) / Superbock Group (PT) Summary, wrap-up and Farewell (end 15:00)
14.30 to 15.00 Departure from Maritim Hotel, Nuremberg

Based on abstract evaluation by the scientific advisory team. Subject to change.

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