EBC Virtual Symposium 2021

EBC ViRtual Symposium 2021
Brewing it Differently
under Difficult Circumstances

The organisers regret to inform that this event has been cancelled

EBC Virtual Symposium 2021

The topic of the 2021 EBC Virtual Symposium has been chosen.

It is “Brewing it Differently – under Difficult Circumstances”.

 The pandemic has brought difficult times to a lot of brewers, irrespective of their size. In some cases, the adverse effects of changing beer consumption patterns can be mitigated by looking at the change in brand and packaging formats, often away from keg, to can or bottle. Breweries have also had to take into account the possibility of temporary shut-downs with all the associated problems of having to adjust production cycles and the shelf-life of raw materials, as well as yeast. Interrupted production may well also have an effect on cleaning and sanitation aspects.

 In summary, the EBC Symposium welcomes contributions for oral presentations from members of the brewing technical community, conforming to one or other of the following five sub-areas:

  • temporary shut-downs in breweries – case studies
  • trouble-shooting technology during shut-down and start-up periods
  • stability of raw materials and product during prolonged storage
  • microbiological (cleaning / sanitising), yeast storage considerations
  • shifting consumer trends and packaging solutions (shelf-life, home consumption)

The call for abstracts will run from 15 October until 24 January 2021. Only online submissions are possible. To submit, please activate this link: https://abstracts.europeanbreweryconvention.eu/

Abstracts should conform to a maximum of 150 words. As there are no posters, all abstracts will be considered for oral presentations at the EBC Symposium taking place on 20 or 21 April (to be confirmed soon)..

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