“EBC Symposium Trends in Filtration”

7-8 June 2018, Brussels



1:20 pm  Welcome and introduction to the EBC Symposium 2018

  • Tiago Brandao
    Superbock Group (Portugal)
    President – European Brewery Convention

1:25 pm  Experiences of filtration at major brewer’s level

What are the key challenges posed by filtration at major brewers? How are these being addressed? Are the filtration methods and lessons learned by major brewers applicable to brewing plants of a smaller scale?

  • Stefan Lustig
    Industry Consultant (Germany)

2:00 pm  Cross-flow filtration: future developments and current solutions

Professor White will shed a light on current and future evolutions for this filtration technique. A brewer and solutions provider will zoom in on state-of-the art solutions available in the market and how to use them. This interactive session between speakers and the audience will help you find out if and how cross flow filtration is a solution for your brewery.

  • Carsten Zufall
    Moderator – Corporate Head of Technology & Innovation – Cerveceria Polar (Venezuela)
  • Wolf-Dietrich Herberg
    Head of Filtration – GEA (Germany)
  • Rod White
    Assistant Professor – University of Nottingham – School of Biosciences (United Kingdom)

9:00 am  Important factors in precoat filtration with alternative filter aids

Cellulose and kieselgur each have their own specific characteristics for the brewing process and require different handling of the filtration material residue after filtration. This session will share the insights of a dedicated study on the subject and help you choose wich filtration material is best suited for your brewery.

  • Jörg Zacharias
    Technical Expert Process Technology R&D – Krones (Germany)

9:40 am  Filtration and traditional beers

The brewing process for traditional beers needed time to clear up as residues from the beer would slowly whirl to the bottom of the brewing barrel before being extracted. Increased demand requires other filtration techniques, allowing more beer to be produced in less time. What solutions have been found without impacting the specific taste and quality of traditional beers?

  • Steve Livens
    Moderator – Policy Manager Product Assurance & Supply Chain  –  British Beer & Pub (United Kingdom)
  • Roger Ryman
    Brewing Director – St. Austell Brewery (United Kingdom)
  • Sturlaugur Jón Björnsson
    Ölgerdin Brewery (Iceland)

2:00 pm  Filtration


Depth filtration during beer production

  • Jürgen Ebert
    Docent – University of Zurich (Switzerland)

A comparative assessment of filtration systems

  • Speaker not confirmed

2:40 pm  The future of filtration

3D printed filters, warm and continuous filtration processes, … the world of filtrations continually moves forward and will probably throw up some radical innovations that will require you to rethink the brewing process of your beer. This session is as close as you can get to the cristal ball revealing the future of filtration.

  • Carsten Zufall
    Moderator – Corporate Head of Technology & Innovation – Cerveceria Polar (Venezuela)
  • Reiner Gaub
    Business Manager Beer Emerging Countries – Pall Life Sciences (Germany)
  • Gert De Rouck
    Brewmaster – KUL Leuven (Belgium)
  • Esko Pajunen
    Former President EBC (Finland)
  • Pierre Adam
    Global Product and Process Specialist – ABInBev (Belgium)
  • Stefan Lustig
    Industry Consultant (Germany)


3:20 pm Closing & conclusions



Tiago Brandao
President – European Brewery Convention (Portugal)

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